1. So now that I’m depressed - even too down to drink - and very unsettled about sleeping (in case the thieves had picked the locked and now can come back..they had left one of the mirrors on the table near the door so I’m wondering…..), I’m probably going to try to catch up on what I missed. Probably a lot of reblogs incoming soon.

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  2. Update: So I finally managed to get into my apartment, and there are things conspicuously missing.

    So either I’ve been robbed while I was away, or someone has A LOT of explaining to do.


  3. At Long Last

    I am finally home, darklings~

    And just in time to meet all my neighbours outside because the fire alarm is going off.

    So while I wait to actually get inside my apartment and be home, I want to hear about all the wicked things you’ve been up to while I was gone~

  4. Breakfast at 4pm. Welcome to my life.

  5. Update: The guard in the living room has been found strangely removed from his post, and slumped in a corner.

    It remains a mystery.


  6. I Don’t Know How Much Time I Have…

    I managed to sneak online so I could let the world know that I have been taken hostage by these creatures:

    They are arguably bigger than I am. One guards the bedroom where I sleep, and another guards the living room, nearby the exits to make sure I don’t attempt to escape.

    At night they bring in reinforcements.

    I have never been more horrified.

    Send help.


  7. PSA: Travelling Again

    This is just a quick message to I guess announce that tomorrow I’ll be on my way to Quebec to visit my bff for a few days, and I won’t be back until very late on Monday night/way too early on Tuesday morning (likely not until 1 or 2 am). As such, my blog will be pretty empty during this time - aside maybe from a few personal text and/or photo posts from my trip if I can manage to come online.

    So, again, I’m not deleting the blog or having a crisis irl (aside from y’know the whole being unfairly kicked out and having all my plans screwed over thing) or intentionally ignoring anyone, just going away for a short while.

    That’s all.

  8. itsblackfriday:

    Greetings beautiful people! Here’s what I’ve been busy doing. I got back into jewellery making, and a few lovely new handmade pieces are now in my shop!  Have a look! :D  

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